Would starting dutastride and some other activities that probably raise testosterone increase the chance of side effects?

I started lifting after a while. And I’m taking some supplements that probably raises testosterone to a moderate amount. However all of these combined with taking fin and dutastride. Might make a significant spike in testosterone levels. Will it increase the chance of gyno or any other side effect?

My advice to anyone with questions about hormones is to have your levels checked.

The chance of gyno is very likely a mix of genetic predisposition and whatever hormone balance you currently have.

For example, we know that if Testosterone is in excess, it can be converted to Estradiol via the aromatase pathway.
… But it has to be in excess. (hormone balance)
… At what exact level will your body consider it in excess? (genetics)
… How much T will be converted to E? (genetics)
… How strong is your body’s affinity to E? (genetics)

But these questions only matter if your hormone levels are near the mean population maximum. That’s somewhere around 10 ng/mL serum Testosterone. (serum T refers to the T present in your blood) The further away from this you are, (like 7 ng/mL) the less you need to be concerned about the aromatase pathway. The closer you are (say 9.8 ng/mL) the more you need to reflect on your risk appetite.