Switched from fin and now on dut for 9 months

Switched from fin to dut. 9 months

First 6 photos are from 4 years ago….last 5 are now. My hair has noticed a decrease in thickness and honestly has thinned a lot on the sides. I had been taking fin for 5 years and my hair had slowly been becoming thinner around year 5 so I decided to switch to dut last October. I had slowly loaded dut onto my routine taking dut 2 times a week and fin 5 times a week. Now I’m fully on dut and my hair has thinned out on the side of my head and a litttle on my crown. Attached I have pictures of my head 4 years ago on fin and now on dut. I’ve also been very stressed during this time consistently checking g my hair and noticing inflammation along with an itch. Please give me your opinions.

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