Physio-metabolic method (antiandrogen, minoxidil, leg training and cold)

The essence of my AGA treatment method is to do the following during the period of using FDA-recognized medications for androgenetic alopecia (finasteride 0.25-1.25 mg everyday, minoxidil 5% topical 2ml or(and) oral minoxidil 2.5-5 mg everyday) physiotherapeutic actions:

  1. Do jogging, running, jump rope, running uphill, cycling, sports (football, etc.), swimming, weightlifting (squats, deadlift), calf raise, leg press and leg extension. You need to exercise in such a way that you experience failure, heavy and rapid breathing, muscle pain, and sweating. You need to work out intensively. It is enough to use different exercises 2-3 times a week, avoiding injuries and overtraining.
  2. On exercise days it is necessary to use cold stress i.e. Exposure to uncomfortable temperatures may include:

A) Performing exercises (working outside, sport, run, hike) in temperatures of -10 to +15 Celsius.

B) Use of a cold shower on the whole body and always on the hair (thermal effect with cold water from +5 to +15 Celsius. Possible dousing with water from a bucket or tap. The effect is short, 10-20 seconds.

C) Drying the body without a towel in a room with a temperature of +18 to +22 degrees Celsius, preferably in a draft or outside in the wind. It is advisable to see traces of piloerection (raising of hair on the skin) and goosebumps on the body, this means that everything is correct. After partial drying and feeling cold, you can dry yourself with a towel as usual, the main thing is to feel the cold from drying in order to activate natural heat regulation.\

If there is no time, money, or opportunity for treatment, then use at least minoxidil, a virtual (imaginary) jump rope to failure, and immediately after finishing the exercise, wash your hair with cold water (+10 to +15 C) or a cold shower with natural drying of the body.

The essence of the method is to increase the metabolism (anabolism) of your body to the maximum and reducing the androgenic effect taking minoxidil and finasteride. At the same time, exercise maximizes the effects of minoxidil, and since androgens no longer harm the follicle, a growth window appears. When performing exercises and during the period of muscle recovery, many unique anabolic effects appear in the human body: activation of stem cells, improvement of fat metabolism, gene emission, emission of unique proteins, the appearance of growth and regeneration factors. Without training large muscle groups, such effects will not occur in the body of a person who does not exercise and leads a sedative lifestyle. Main pathways of muscle stress: SSH, sympathetic nerves, Foxp1, Fgf18, Adrb2, APM hypertrophy, CXCL12, FGF21, BNDF, Hedgehog-SCUBE3-TGF-β, COL17A1, Lipid metabolic acceleration, SULT1A1, IGFBP-rP1, JNK-1( cold). Also, leg exercises from weightlifting (squats, deadlifts), which have a high androgenic potential, help combat the side effects of finasteride.

At the same time, the activation by cold of the piloerection mechanism and goose bumps as part of the thermoregulation mechanism gives a signal to the follicle and the muscle of the follicle to raise the hair, if it is not there, then the body reacts accordingly, taking into account the absence of obstacles to hair growth (DHT). Cold relief has an anabolic effect and a mobilization effect on cells and the nervous system, enhancing the effects of muscle stress. Pathways of cold exposure: SSH, sympathetic nerves, Lipid metabolism acceleration, JNK-1.

The method should work quickly and have an effect in 1-3 months. The method was developed based on personal experience, taking into account the analysis of hyperresponse r/tressless, analysis of a large number of scientific papers from around the world. When analyzing hyperresponders, it turned out that they used finasteride and minoxidil, and also played sports indoors or outdoors, responders usually used their leg muscles. The best results were published when therapy took place during the colder months of the year. In fact, h-responders experienced similar levels of stress to the lives of the Amish and the homeless, who are famous for their hair cause hair its natural thermoregulation mechanism for bad weather environment (not for beauty). Amish and homeless both use leg muscle stress to survive. Previously, I thought that the main thing was muscle stress, but I did not take into account temperature stress. All this makes hyperresponding a unique and rare phenomenon. Moreover, the method has a huge anti-aging effect and helps in mewing.

The method should help most AGA patients achieve the hyperresponder effect. Try this!

Data table of TOP hyperresponders:H responders list - Google Sheets


  1. Intense anaerobic and aerobic leg exercises accelerate negative shedding in AGA patients without the use of antiandrogen and minoxidil.

When applying the physio-metabolic protocol - shedding is positive and sign of deminiturization of the follicle.

  1. The physio-metabolic protocol can help both AGA patients and those who have other causes of baldness, including those of unknown etymology. Therefore, the use of muscle stress and cold helps with the use of minoxidil and some natural traditional ones (the use of plants and their flavonoids and styrenes).

  2. The use of proteins, BCAA, omega3, L-carnetine, multivitamins can improve and speed up the result, because they enhance anabolic processes.

  3. Fasting in addition to the protocol can also speed up the effect because it also affects fat metabolism, which is also enhanced by cold and exercise. Fasting probably also has an androgenic effect, so it is not recommended to fast in AGA without the use of an antiandrogen.

  4. Muscle stress influence positively on minoxidil treatment cause of improvement pathway:SULT, Nitric Oxid,K+, ATP, metahondrial chanel open. The author’s experience suggests that topical minoxidil and oral minoxidil probably have different metabolisms, oral in the liver, and topical more in the scalp and follicles. Therefore, it is better to use two types of minxidil at once: topical and oral. Oral minoxidil is directly more dependent on muscle stress and its effectiveness is directly proportional to the amount of muscle stress. The author also noted from an assessment of the cases of hyperresponders that topical minoxidil has a greater effect on the crown, and oral minoxidil on the hairline from the front and sides.

  5. This protocol helps women as well as men, there is no difference. Women can often get results even using minoxidil alone. However, for women it is better to take spironolactone 50-100mg daily or palmetto saw 500mg daily as a atiandrogen. In this case, it is better to abandon contraceptives (especially long-term implants). Mostly hyperresponsive women use only minoxidil, sometimes adding shampoo with ketoconazole.

  6. If you have dandruff, you need to use shampoo with ketoconazole; besides, ketoconazole has antiandrogenic properties. For scalp diseases, it is advisable to use oral minoxidil. More minoxidil is better than less.

  7. The best timing for cold stress is within 2 hours after leg exercise during the metabolic window. It is better to use cold stress immediately after stress from leg exercises. Ran - straight into the cold.

  8. In order to massively enhance metabolism and improve athletic performance, it makes sense to sleep only on the floor or a hard bed - the harder the better (granite, tiles). There are a few cotton fabrics to spread, and in winter the skin with fur (sheep, wolf). Place a cotton cloth or a small arthopedic roller under your head. Adaptation occurs within 3-7 days, after which there will be no discomfort. Spartan conditions will increase metabolism, will improve resistance to mental stress. No matter what modern orthopedists (who help sales) say, sleeping on a hard base means treating scoliosis, stomach and respiratory diseases.