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Hey mate, I’m looking to take the plunge and saw the surgeon list on the r/hairtransplant forum. Question for clarification though, is there like a single entity or org that is reliable for good surgeons? I’m assuming I would’ve stumbled across it at this point, but I’m looking for verified clinics in Turkey or SEA that I can rely on having a good experience (the randomness and personal factors aside), rather than a list of ‘affordable’ yet still good surgeons/clinics.

For reference I’m looking at Dr. Ozlem Bicer, Dr. Kaan Pekiner currently, if you’ve got any feedback on those two choices.

Cheers and thanks in advance!

There’s ISHRS. You can look up doctors in their website. There are also european and american versions of this organization, but I can’t find their sites.

Be warned though, that the set of all good doctors and the set of doctors registered on ISHRS (and indeed the EU and US versions) are merely an intersection, and neither is a full subset of the other. In other words, there are good doctors that are not in ISHRS, and a doctor being listed in ISHRS does not guarantee them being good.

Hey appreciate the response and direct link, thanks :slight_smile:

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