Dutasteride RAISES LIBIDO!

Hello everyone, did you know that in the fin/dut clinical trials they never gave the patients the possibility to report higher libido? They only had the chance to report lower libido.

We know that both dutasteride and finasteride raise testosterone levels, which correlate with libido levels (dut raises it more), this may be the reason why this libido raise happens in some people (maybe there are even other explanations)


I’m in a hair loss discord and I started asking this question to dutasteride users: “what changes did you notice in your libido?” (open question) LITERALLY EVERYBODY i have asked gave me the same answer: their libido increased when they started using dutasteride, so far I’ve asked this to 7 people.

I’m not suggesting that this applies to everybody but right here I just proved that higher libido is a possible effect of dutasteride use, and it appears to be common (but we would need clinical data to assess how common it is).
Also I’m not denying that dut can cause lower libido for somebody, probably due to the changes in estrogen levels.

I already noticed a significant libido increase while taking finasteride (I was in a long term relationship), but when i switched to dutasteride I HAD THE CRAZIEST LIBIDO INCREASE IN MY ENTIRE LIFESPAN… it became extreme!!! It could be just a coincidence but I never had this libido levels, dutasteride probably caused it.

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Yo wsg Alessandro! I had a crazy boost as well when I started, sort of calmed down a bit lol probably for the better


Honestly, MERCK (for fin) should have asked if people had higher libidos while on 5AR-I for the fin studies… would have been an interesting metric. Who knows, we could have been hearing that Fin and Dut are miracle libido drugs today lol

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Sup bloated! Nice seeing you here homie

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I liked when you said: imagine what would have happened in hair loss forums if higher libido was listed as a possible side effect (along with low libido ofc).
A lot of the fear mongering would be gone and also some people would complain about high libido and 8 hour-long erections LMAO.

Yes, in my case I had my libido back when I switched from Finasteride to Dutasteride.

I felt loss of sexual appetite when I used Finasteride and even worse, my dick went totally dead when I combined both. So, I just stopped using FIN, and as soon my body released it completely, everything went back to normal. If I have hair regrowth and my side effects are minimal, I’ll be more than happy.

I believe this was not reported in the studies because the studies were mostly done on middle-aged men who only had a 10% (finasteride) or 20-25% (dutasteride) increase in testosterone.

Normally, those who have this super-increased libido have bigger testosterone increases than that (mine fucking doubled lol).

By any chance do know what your test levels were when your libido was high and what they were when everything went back to normal (now)?

Also, how long did it take to normalize?