About the Progress Pictures category

Document and share your journey of hair regrowth. Here, you can post before-and-after photos, track your progress, and encourage others with your results.

How to Use This Category:

  1. Create a New Thread: Start by creating a new thread to document your journey. Give it a clear title that indicates your goal or treatment method.

  2. Post Regular Updates: Upload picture every month or two to show your progress over time. Consistency helps to provide a clear view of your journey and encourages others who are following similar paths.

  3. Include Details: When posting pictures, include details about your routine, products used, and any changes in your regimen. This information can be helpful for others seeking similar results.

  4. Engage with the Community: Comment on other users’ posts, offer encouragement, and share tips. This community thrives on support and shared experiences.

  5. Respect Privacy: Remember to respect the privacy of others. Only share pictures and information you are comfortable with, and avoid posting personal details.

We look forward to seeing your progress and celebrating your achievements with you!