A little over a year of gains. Have hope, guys



Original stack (about 15 months ago):
1mg of Fin ED
1ml of Minox 2x a day (morning & night)

Current stack: (As of about 8 months ago. Exception being RU. See below)
0.5mg of Dut ED
1ml of Minox per day at night, about 0.25ml of Minox in the morning in targeted areas
1.25mm Derma every other week on Sunday morning (started at 1mm)
12 “sprays” of RU58841 at night (a little under a 1ml. Maybe 0.75? It’s hard to gauge but I use quite a bit) & 3 “sprays” in the morning.
0.75ml (ish) of Minox on my beard every night


  • I started on Dutasteride about 8 months ago and I tapered off Fin as I let Dut build in my system (I did not experience a shed)
  • I replace my derma roller every 2 months and sanitize after each use
  • I added RU about 4 months after adding Dut (so RU was added 4 months ago, Dut was added 8 months ago)
  • I only do targeted stuff in the morning because it can get flaky and make my hair stuff but I still want to take advantage of applying it twice a day. I just sleep with on at night

Write more about gym,leg exercise and cold (cold shower, cold climate).

This was amazing dude. I’m so happy for you!


Proud of you brother, more than anything it’s amazing to see the defeat leaving your eyes in this progression.

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:sparkles:This is some pretty solid results.:sparkles:
What does RU mean?

When people mention RU in the tressless community, they usually mean RU58841, a topical anti-androgen.

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